Magazine Launch

London, UK, Release: May 20, 2020. For Immediate Release

The Team behind Innovation Esports are thrilled to announce the launch of Level One, a new digital-first publication created for the widest definition of the modern gamer.

Level One is a quarterly lifestyle publication for modern gamers, in which we will explore the gamer universe with intellectual opinions, attitudes, contemporary thinking, journalistic swag, and digital flair - from competitive to casual, from fashion to mobility. The topics Level One will share will be as diverse as the life of our connected readers.

With more people engaging with gaming we look at the technology you can use to get a better gaming experience, the streaming platforms to use and the players and tournaments to follow. We also explore the wider developments in the gaming community and share expertise from the industry offering insight across titles, technology, music, fashion and health & wellbeing.

With contributors to the magazine drawn from as many areas of the gaming community and beyond we also provide the opportunity for new and aspiring writers to contribute articles, selecting the best to enter each quarters publication.

Level One differentiates itself through a belief that this is more than a game, coupled with Level One’s ambition, philosophy, purpose, mission, and core values, to innovate and create a future environment we are proud of, and that people thrive in.

Paul Bolton, Editor of Level One said “We wanted to create a magazine that looked at the industry from a players perspective, recognising the wider lifestyle of digital natives and we are very proud of the work the whole team has put into creating the first edition.”

Visit to view the first edition.

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